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    features Darrin Cook, on how he dropped 175 pounds!

  • I Know

    the pain and fears of gaining and losing weight.
    It seemed the harder I tried, the results I was looking for, just didn't come. But then…I found the way! I want to share my story to inspire, encourage, and guide you to live a joyful, exciting, and healthy life.
  • "The Weight of New Orleans"

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  • The Hope Challenge

    The Hope Challenge is an online community dedicated to eliminating obesity, domestic violence, drug & alcohol addictions, and discrimination. We challenge you to make this world a better place by improving yourself launches soon!
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For 17 years I fought a difficult battle with trying to lose mine. All of my life I was overweight, and when I entered my teenage years, my weight skyrocketed to a jarring 420 pounds! At age 16, I was a size 58 waist, and extremely miserable. I was slowly dying and felt helpless.